Alpine A110 “Sacrebleu” / Tokyo, Japan

It was during travels in Tokyo that we came across this beauty of a spectacle to see. Japan always offers the most unique cars to see, a french porsche in tokyo on a backstreet at 4pm. (We know what it is, its just that’s what it literally is lol)

Randomly running while its owner was closing his storage unit. We never pictured ourselves seeing an A110 ever. Least of all in japan, so generally our curiosities were engaged.

After talking cars with the owner for a little he let us know a really interesting thing. He has owned various cars in his life, recently was a Porsche Carrera. In comparison of the two he said the Porsche was a great machine, just the maintenance was to much. He would barely drive it or it would always be in the shop. The French Alpine A110 on the other hand was very reliable and a thrill to drive. We didn’t get a chance to drive the car, maybe next time.

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