Warehouse Fun | Street Legends | Freedom Motorsportz

Always wanted to have fun inside of a warehouse with great cars, our friends at Freedom Motorsportz were down to come out and shred.  We had their RB powered Rocket-bunny S15 put on a good show, as you can see. Last minute plans are always the best, and this was an awesome way to spend that saturday, just friends some antics and primo subs. (Not shown in film)  Thank you everyone that helped in the creation of this film, and the love that helped fuel it. This year was a year of change and knowledge, we loved every moment of it. Its lessons and teaching were needed. So here is to a year of even more memories and moments.  Never Say DIE.

Film/Photography by

Kenny C – @kennycano

Mike M – @trashcan_lion

Adam T – @fgwstudios

Brendan F – @fitz2590

Jake D – @chum_photos

Thanks for the love and creation unity on this. Woo!!!

The warehouse def offered some great photo results from the team.

As big as it was, some portions were super tight to drift, and no power steering. FOREARMS on point lol.



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