Shrink the Cars 3 | LosGoonies | Video Coverage | FGWstudios

I had heard of the Shrink All The Cars show in the past, but sadly had not been able to attend for the past 2 years, so when the opportunity arose for me to attend Shrink All The Cars 3 I jumped on the offer.  The show is now held in memory of the late Cory Burgess, by his friends and family, and helps raise money for Cory’s Legacy Foundation. The foundation helps families of others who are suffering from cystic fibrosis.  On the morning of September 3rd, I pulled up to the Martinsburg roundhouse and was greeted at the gate by the smiling faces of cory’s friends.
As I entered I was stunned at what I saw, you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque setting for the show. From the roundhouse itself to the historic buildings and ruins that adorn the surrounding property, the area lent itself well to photographers and car enthusiasts alike. As time passed the area began to fill with more and more cars of all makes and models. These ranged from domestic classics to fully built imports, this show truly had a bit of everything, yet no one in attendance was here for a trophy or award. Rather they were here to help support a great cause, have a good time, and hang out with friends. There were countless families, friends, and even a few dogs running around just enjoying the day. Overall the show surpassed my expectations and I can not wait to attend next year. I honestly cannot say enough about how well run the show is and the atmosphere that surrounds it. From what Cory’s friends told me as they reminisced on his memory he was a happy, caring, and outgoing person; and his friends and family have kept this spirit living and thriving, and everyone who attends seems to take a bit of that with them because I failed to see one person leave without a smile on their face. – Adam T.

Film and words by Adam Terrase
Instagram – @fgwstudios

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