tunerevogoonies4Tuner Evolution has had quite a busy year for 2014. Jay Martinez and company has had their busiest year yet no doubt. With their East Coast Takeover showcase at Carlisle Peformance and Sound, their event with us at LosGoonies.com, Panda Junction, and their flagship show in Philadelphia, the staff has been on the move constantly this year. After the success of their Philadelphia show, Jay decided to take the show to Charlotte, North Carolina to add one more event for the 2014 show season. With new, unfamiliar locations, means new builds and a whole new scene to showcase. And thats exactly what the show incased. North Carolina made sure to bring the heat. From functional racecars to VIP builds, and everything else in between, the south showed up for sure.


North Carolina also got the same treatment as the flagship show in Philadelphia, so there were plenty of other attractions for spectators to enjoy at the show if ever someone was to ever get tired of checking out all the cars at the show.

tunerevogoonies14tunerevogoonies15A model lounge filled with the names of Hannah Sell, Brittani Page, Shirley Leong, Janis True, and many many other household names in the game were in attendance for the spectators to interact and have fun with. And if all those big name models were not enough, they also had their RC drift car exhibition there as well for the little ones and us grown big kids to enjoy. Tuner-Evolution makes sure that all parties and demographics enjoy the event.


Mk6 GTI laid out on custom rebarrelled and refinished BBS RS meshs. Classic combo.



No import show is official without a slew of Honda Ruckus builds on display. When these came out years ago, I would have never thought these things would be some of the most popular things to build in the scene today. Crazy.


Really trick hidden gas cap on this MK3 Volkswagen GTI….props to the owner and builder invovled in this. Cool to see different pulled off cleanly.


The Z33 chassis is as popular out in North Carolina pretty much as popular as it is here in the Northeast. There were a whole lot of Z’s in attendance.



Thumps in the trunk.




The infamous @sw33tnlowcivic FG2. Keep looking gangster.



The first new Lexus ES I know of like this. Good looking car foresure.


If this BenSopra R35 looks familiar to you, that’s because it is. It used to be Mark Arcenal‘s of Fatlace own personal toy. He sold the car, and the new owner is taking good care of this masterpiece. Such a meancing looking car.


This bugeye Subaru WRX, was one the most talked about cars of the event. Rightfully so. Built motor, shaved engine bay, 500awhp, bagged rolling on Weds Kranze Bazerias, custom paint and body work, etc etc. This thing had it all. Not many people are building cars with everything done. Glad to see some people still have the mentality (and patience) to go all out with builds. So rad.


Tuner Evolution has had yet another successful event, and we are sure they will be returning to the North Carolina area for events in the near future. Make sure to follow them on Instagram (@tunerevo) and Facebook (facebook.com/TunerEvolution) for constant updates and information of their upcoming events!

All of us here at LosGoonies.com have to thank Yelinice for making the trip down to North Carolina and covering the event for us. Thank you so much!

Thank you all for reading and checking out our coverage.

Photographer – Yelinice Lopez (Instagram – @yeliniceofficial)

Words – Evan Stokes (Instagram – @itsmrpibb)

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