RETURN OF THE REAL – Satu’s Bagged and Shaved AP1 Honda S2000


BCAM9783In my now 10+ years in the car scene, I’ve seen people come and go as quickly as trends in the import car culture. Things have changed tremendously from my young beginnings in this scene. Social media has jaded many people with worrying about followers and “likes”. Many people are building cars for the wrong reasons to win shows and gain attention from people just to up their social media presence. Quite honestly, it has made people seem very “fake” in person. It has become harder to translate between legitimate friendships from genuine people and people building cars for the wrong reasons. But, sometimes you come across people who really speak from their heart and soul. Not only that, it translates onto their build.   BCAM9911Satu Basanow is one of those people who has something that goes beyond just a wonderfully built car. Humble, funny, sarcastic and just an awesome person to be around, The Goons have welcomed him as one of our own. Many people who have come to know him have noticed this as well. His AP1 S2000 build has easily been one of the most recognizable builds for 2014 point blank period. This car has become a “social media darling”, and he still stays humble about it.

BCAM9892The car has seen many stages. From bone stock to modified, this car has had drastic changes in each of its stages. The car fits the owner perfectly too. Satu is extremely creative and expressive. He’s the type to shoot for the stars when someone tells him something is impossible. He comes up with so many crazy ideas and this car shows that in each and every way.  Whats even better is that he built this car as you see now with his own hands. That’s right people. He knew that only his hands could execute his imagination, so he took it upon himself late last year to create what you see now. Here in the northeast tri-state, S2000’s are becoming a dime and dozen, so he made sure he did what many would never do. Starting with chopping the front end off, and throwing on a full RHD front clip from Japan. BCAM0050You read correct folks. Satu chopped up his pride and joy and converted it to RHD. Crazy right? The attention to detail of the job is second to none. The car still drives perfectly. He didn’t just stop there. The interior work that was done is imacculate. The white diamond plating pattern in the seats and interior panels add some classy style to the legendary sports car. Finishing things off is a crazy hot rod style Downstar shiftknob and Avenue Performance white painted wood steering wheel. Ties it all in nicely. BCAM0078BCAM0072He didn’t just stop there. Satu went onto the engine and did his own shave and plating job, tucking just about all the wires in the bay perfectly. The engine bay looks smooth, even adding a Hennessey bottle as the coolant overflow tank and a carbon fiber Comptech cold air intake to add some nice details.

BCAM0040BCAM0021Aside from the engine and interior, one of the most noticeable things exterior wise is these discontinued custom built Work Bersaglios. One of Work’s most overlooked wheels in history has found its way onto a S2000. What Satu wanted to do was marry crazy VIP style and race details onto the classic S2000 sports car. So with that in mind, he went crazy aggressive with a 18×11 +19 (F)  & 18×12 +10 (R) on the STOCK metal. Rolled and pulled fenders only. Talk about fitment. BCAM9940BCAM9921BCAM9963Obviously with those type of rollers, the car has to sit right, especially with his motto and brand being “Dumped and Never Heartbroken“, so Satu made the call to Airtekk for their airride struts with damper control, combined with Airlift autopilot v2 management. Combined with the SPC adjustable ball joints to tuck those massive wheels as much under the car as possible.

BCAM9849Finishing off the exterior was a bunch of goodies from the guys at Shine Auto Project, hooking him up with their Spoon style front bumper, FD3S side diffusers, and rear diffuser. APR mirrors as well as a CF Hood, hardtop, duckbill trunk continue with the race look and the shaved emblems add to the clean VIP style.

BCAM9905BCAM9990This car just oozes an undeniable presence. Either you love it or hate it, but it will grab your attention for you to make the decision. Another crazy fact about this car is that it’s daily driven. Satu literally commutes to work everyday in this thing. He has a strict belief that if a car is truly built to your standards, you’ll drive it everywhere. And he does exactly just that. He’ll drive out the state for shows and meets, come back home and commute to work. He’s just that crazy.

BCAM9794And despite all the attention this car gets, along with all the other cars in his team Elite Lower Class, he still is one of the most humble guys I’ve ever come across in this scene. He will spend hours talking to people at shows, and answers any all questions about the build, as well as help others out on their own builds. Hopefully more people will have that kind of attitude in the coming years. Less social media ego boosting, and more interaction in the real life. That way, the scene can return to the real…….enthusiasts. BCAM9788Satu Basanow’s 2000 GPW AP1 Honda S2000 Specs


CF hood/hardtop/duckbill trunk/rear diffuser/FD3S side diffuser
Shine Auto Project Spec S front bumper
APR Mirrors
Custom rolled & pulled front and rear fenders
Color matched sidestrakes/shaved emblems


Airtekk airride struts with damper control/Airlift Autopilot V2 managment
SPC upper adjustable ball joints


Work Bersaglio 18 x 11 +19 (F) & 18 x 12 +19 (R)
Autogrip Tires 205/40/18 (F) 225/40/18 (R)


F20C wire tucked/brakeline & ABS tucked/plated & shaved bay
Custom Hennessey Coolant overflow bottle
Comptech carbon fiber cold air intake


RHD conversion

Custom black interior w/ white perforated diamond pattern
Downstar spike shifter
JL Audio C5 component speaker system/ Custom painted bezels to match wheels
Avenue Performance wood steering (painted white)/NRG short hub and CF quick release
St800 smart system keyless digital push start.
Special Thanks and Words from Satu: “Never give up on your goals, keep pushing yourself and never stop for no one.” With that being said Satu would like to thank, “Rey Pagan of Fresh Meet, Luis Cardona of Lower Class, SNTRL, Kenny Cano and Evan Stokes of LosGoonies.com, Frank Cervone for shooting the feature, Fred Vuong of VIS Racing, Shine Auto Project, Shane Fisher, Rich Leonard of Auto Deluxe, Mike Mahler, Antonella Panza, Perfect Metal Finishing, Kid Fruhmann, Ramiro Gonzalez, Sticker Chick Graphics, Eat Sleep Race, Samuel Auto Body, STS Tire and Auto, Auto Image & Security, Mario of Airtekk Engineering, my Fiance Yvonne, and my daughter Bellamina.”

Photography by: Frank Cervone (@frankcervone on Instagram)

Words by: Evan Stokes (@itsmrpibb on Instagram)

Thank you to Satu for giving us the time to feature his car, and thank you to all for reading.

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