Tuner Evolution 2014 – Greater Philadelphia Convention Center – Oaks,PA

LB M3 Front Profile Tuner-Evolution‘s 8th year flagship show rolled into Pennsylvania for yet another memorable event. Check it out folks…!!! _DSC0040Jay R RX7 The game has changed. As with anything that goes on in this world, overtime, things change. And in recent years, the car game has definitely changed. Through social media and the decline of magazine print, car builds have definitely changed from where it was when I was a young, inexperienced enthusiast. Is change good? It’s all based on personal tastes. But the passion is still the one thing that still remains.DSC_0096 VW Engine BayFor many, car shows are the seal of approval on builds that many look for and chase after. Yet, having a show that only pertains to certain types of builds, for example, mainly stance builds, are entirely too common in today’s game. Many shows cater to one type of enthusiast or style. In turn, many people are closed minded to builds outside their comfort zone. IMG_2581IMG_2611SNTRL S14 Engine BaySo where does someone go who has a true interest in all styles and builds from all over the East Coast and beyond? Well folks, look no further. Tuner Evolution was just that, and in 2014, they looked to improve on that theme even more. IMG_2669The Greater Philadelphia Convention Center was graced with rides covering everything from stance, retired show car builds from the past, VIP builds, race cars, functional street cars, full blown magazine cover cars, import, euro, domestic, drift, trucks, I.C.E. builds, SEMA demo cars, a Ruckus showcase and everything else in between. _DSC0024DSC_0075Not only that, big names from the land of the Wild Wild West came out to show some love to one of the Northeast’s premier events. Special judge Big Mike, Kuya Abe of KUYA Protection, Janey B., Janis True, Jeri Lee, Brittani Paige, The Jaro sisters…..It was definitely a national affair for 2014.Big AbeToyo  Tires Booth ModelThe Tuner Evolution crew was pretty much able to fill the venue full of all these types of builds and the crowds came in droves to check out everything for hours and hours on end. LosGoonies.com was blessed with the opportunity by Tuner Evolution to have a showcase of builds from all aspects of this scene.

_DSC0028_DSC0027For our hardcore fans and readers, you guys and girls may notice our tastes in the automotive field is all over the place. And we love that. Our showcase consisted of not only rad cars, but some of the people we have been fortunate enough to befriend in this scene.IMG_2538_DSC0032DSC_0006DSC_0007Just a few of the cars from a showcase!

So with that said, we want to thank Danny R. for bringing his Varis kitted STI, (which we featured here ;D.) Bruno F. and his AMS Autowerks built Voltex Evo, Nasir of Pride Motorsports and his R34 GTR, Dave S. and his R33 GTR, two of our team drivers, Anthony F. and Angelo M. of Velocity Stars with their LS1 and 1JZ S13, Aaron A. and his crazy slammed E46 330Ci, Nicky D. and his beautiful E46 M3, Jim C. and his BCL‘d slammed Subaru WRX, Jake M.‘s slammed Legacy, Juliet L‘s beautiful 2nd gen Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Carl F.’s One Motion Garage bulit J’s Racing Ap2 S2000, and finally Paul‘s bonkers Speed Warhouse 2JZ swapped B5 Audi S4. (one of photographer’s harddrive failed so we are missing pictures of some of the cars mentioned :-/ ) We can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to the show. We were more than happy to have you in our showcase.

IMG_2636The infamous #BearStare.

Lowasfck vw on rotiformsDSC_0035DSC_0070-2Our good friend and Goon, Satu B.‘s of Elite Lower Class daily driven AP1. More of this coming soon 🙂

Not only did we have all of those builds to showcase, we also had our friend Bear Dellinger from the dirty south to come out and support the show! Congrats on your bikini contest win too! Yes this show had a bikini contest, and a stacked one (pardon the pun), at that. Not only that, their were countless giveaways for the attendees and just good vibes for everyone to enjoy!

Turbo RHD NSXOur first ever Street Legends feature, was sold off to a new owner…sadly, but we are glad that the new owner kept the look intact for the most part. Continue to attack the highways warrior….


IMG_2616Rumor has it, this is a 800HP Evo…..DAMN. Tri – State beware.

Tuner Evolution 2014 was a great time for everyone to come together and just enjoy cars and people. Something that many people forget to do today. Well with all this said about the event, whats next? Due to the success of the event, the Tuner Evolution staff decided to add an extra show this year. North Carolina, on November 1st, 2014…..be ready for the East Coast Takeover.

Also, for additional full coverage, including  snaps from the B-Boy contest, Bikini contest, as well as our Pre-Meet for the event, make sure to head over to CSM Photography‘s full coverage as well! Check it out here.

Thank you all for reading!

Photographers: Andrew Brandao (Instagram – @chop90)

Frankiefohdoh (Instagram – @frankiefohdoh)

McFilmWerks (Instagram – @mcfilmwerks)

Ranger Ramirez (Instagram – @EliteTuner)

Words: Evan Stokes (Instagram – @itsmrpibb)    

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