Liberty | Freedom | Expression

A story from inside the depth of their souls many enthusiasts portray in their vehicles day in and out. With all of the turmoil happening in the world the East Coast is something to surely wage war on the automotive industry. Whether you’re just beginning your VIP studded interior, refining your look or greasing up a new transmission to allow the immense power from the newly adapted heart or just adding some new air freshners. I have to say it has been an extreme joy to live so close to so many people worth following.

sneak-0002 sneak-0003

The VIP scene is getting outrageous! Can anyone dig it? These poked, cambered, maniac have such a cool sense of style. I think there is a deeper inspiration to push further in the last decade. It’s not so much off-brand body kits but a fusion of face lifts, optics, wheel offsets and dimensions and interior couture fashion statements.

sneak-0005 sneak-0004

Freedom of Expression and the freedom to do so is a blessing. Don’t forget your roots nor the country we all stand by. A country bred for freedom.

sneak-0006 sneak-0007 sneak-0008 sneak-0009 sneak-0010 sneak-0014 sneak-0020

Photography: @CSMP | http://www.cary-smith.comhttp://www.facebook.com/csmfotollc

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