StanceNation | Texas | Event Coverage | 2014

DSC_9684One of our own was fortunate enough to make the trip out to Texas for an event held by one of the biggest names in the car game today…..
DSC_9616In our honest opinion, the Northeast is spoiled when it comes to car events. Yes, unfortunately, during the winter months, the tri-states and surrounding areas are not incredibly active due to in-climate weather but, when the weather warms up, and spring and summer are in full swing, the Northeast is constantly active with events, meets, shows, etc. In fact, it’s so active that many people will start to become bored with seeing some of the same cars attending these events every weekend. So as any real enthusiast would do, what would be a better time to go on a road trip to when one of the biggest names in the Automotive world holds an event??….So that’s exactly what Goon and photographer, Frank Cervone, decided to do. Frank and his friends from Top End Imports, Kevin (who’s car was actually chosen to be in the big show as well), Brett, Randy, and J.Cruz came together to make the 26 – hour trek to Stance Nation‘s Texas Event, at Dallas Market Hall. Talk about dedication.

DSC_9636DSC_9645The guys got to check out an entirely different scope of vehicles and tastes, and see how the Texas natives hold down their state.

DSC_9670DSC_9683Everything’s bigger in Texas.

DSC_9897DSC_9899DSC_9881DSC_9857DSC_9848Talk about W I D E. Crazy body work and wheel fitment on this IS300.

DSC_9825DSC_9822DSC_9745DSC_9777DSC_9790This Hellrot E36 M3 is from another realm. Good lord.

DSC_9805DSC_9808DSC_9939From concaved, forged, mesh, dish, jdm, euro, powder coated, chrome, polished…….All the wheel styles, were covered.

DSC_9710DSC_9689DSC_9813DSC_9812The Mayday Garage guys and girls of course had their presence felt at the show.

DSC_9757DSC_9926DSC_9874 J.Cruz and Brett, keeping their cool on for the camera haha.

DSC_9737DSC_9702DSC_9698DSC_9833DSC_0026Frank and the guys had a great time out there, and of course they are going through their vacation withdrawals, but we are sure they will be returning next time. It looked like an amazing time and event, props to the Stance Nation staff for all the hard work. Hopefully, more Goons can make out there next time. 🙂


We would not only like to thank our photographer Frank Cervone for his hard work and dedication for this great coverage, but also his friends Kevin (@ktran21), Brett (@bretts2k), Randy (@doubler4690) and J.Cruz (jcruz_15) for making this trip out there as well. Much love. Shout out to Top End Imports.

Photos by Frank Cervone – Facebook & Instagram

Words by Evan Stokes – Facebook & Instagram

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