The PandaJunction | Official Event Coverage | 2014


Before starting, we here at LosGoonies would like to thank everyone that came out to this years PandaJunction. The support and turnout was amazing, you guys keep this mean machine rolling with your support and love. Thank you.  Now onto the fun stuff. So we teamed up with our friends over at Tuner Evolution to start the year off with a bang. What better way then to do another PandaJunction. The quality of the cars present made the event feel more like a show not so much like a meet.  Sema cars were present, The attendance was double of last year,  a great time with friends and great cars, a perfect weekend. Maybe just some more clouds but other than that a great time nonetheless. https://vimeo.com/98073990 Panda-6 Panda-26 Panda-33John Paul’s S2000 mean mugging, great build and great tuner. Panda-73 LosGoonies7Shaida’s NSX chilling at our booth looking pretty, the guys at empire garage did a great job on this car. Panda-141OG Goon Crew Dan chilling at the booth relaxing next to her datsun, he still remains as our only LSG Untouchables feature. Panda-129 The Lovely Jessica Hien rocking Goonie Gear, looking great as always. Much love.Panda-119 Panda-104 Panda-112 Panda-93Danny’s Widebody STi getting some rays at the booth, wide varis ftw. Panda-92 Nick looks lost, lolol.Panda-95Panda-98 Panda-126 Panda-142 LosGoonies4 LosGoonies11 Panda-113 Panda-100 Panda-102 Panda-78 Panda-79 Panda-67 Panda-35Our long-time friend Satu, practically debuted the new look for his s2000 at PandaJunction, it always feels good to see someone progress with their cars. The progress has been great, keep it up dude. Panda-37 Panda-48 Panda-42 Panda-15 Panda-16 Panda-20 Panda-17 Panda-138 LosGoonies2 Panda-139 Panda-136 Panda-134 Panda-120 Panda-116That booty tho. Panda-113 Panda-137 Panda-89 Panda-58 Panda-54 Panda-39 Panda-32 Panda-24 Panda-10 Panda-8 Panda-11 Panda-13 Panda-19 Panda-97

Photography by CSM Photography and Alessio Caruso , Video by SV-Media also Words by Kenny Cano. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram #losgoonies #pandajunction

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