Friday Night Drift Party | Clubloose | LosGoonies (Video/Photo)


Last friday’s Friday Night Drift Party with Clubloose was a blast, the drifting was on point, the stands were packed. It was a great time, and a great pre-game to east coast bash which is right around the corner. Stay tuned for a great year to come from Clubloose. Shread season is in full effect.

Clubloose-53 Clubloose-49 Clubloose-35 wfndp5 Clubloose-2 Clubloose-37 Clubloose-61 w12 w8 Clubloose-66 7w Clubloose-69 w14 w13 Clubloose-43 Clubloose-51 Clubloose-9 Clubloose-8 Clubloose-11 Clubloose-4w3 Clubloose-55 Clubloose-63 Clubloose-58 Clubloose-30

Photography by Cary Smith and Alex Scavuzzo.

Video and Words by Kenny Cano

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