Fresh Meet | Spring Bash | Event Coverage | 2014


The weathers getting nicer, the windows are going down, music is blasting.  Its time for Fresh Meet’s Spring bash. And oh what an event it was, the show was held at Campbell Stadium in Camden, NJ.  The stage was set and the cars were coming in by the waves. The variety of cars that attended were amazing, considering the somewhat cold weather. It did not stop everyone coming out from a long winter to finally open the car season properly. The entire lot was packed from one end to the other. It just goes to show you how strong the car scene is on the north east.  The Event was just pure insanity in numbers, everywhere from the entrance sidewalk, to the stadium steps, it was packed with automotive glory. Had a great time, and can not wait until summer bash.

Fresh-1 Fresh-14 Fresh-27 Fresh-28 Fresh-20 Fresh-34 1488932_10151912821041555_1398693222_n_zps38e55ea0 lgfm18 lgfm20 Fresh-65 Fresh-60 Fresh-10 Fresh-17 10327268_10203760209110867_1539893583_n 10322866_10203760209150868_1191446902_n lgfm10 lgfm2 lgfm4 Fresh-102 Fresh-103 Fresh-97 Fresh-105 Fresh-94 Fresh-92 Fresh-93 Fresh-90 Fresh-87 Fresh-55 Fresh-63 Fresh-49 Fresh-37 Fresh-16 Fresh-15 Fresh-5 Fresh-3 Fresh-2 lgfm22 lgfm16 lgfm28 10335853_10203760205750783_843943848_n 10327238_10203760214190994_357418504_n Fresh-33 Fresh-72 Fresh-113

Words and Video by Kenny Cano

Photography by

Cary Smith – CSM Photography – @CSMP Facebook – Website

Alex Scavuzzo – @AlexScavuzzoPhoto  – FacebookWebsite

Frankie Fohdoh – @frankiefohdoh – Facebook

Visit our Instagram aswell – @LosGoonies 

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