The Antagonist | Sean D’s Boosted Widebody NSX | Street Legend


Sean’s NSX | Street Legend | LosGoonies from Kenny Cano on Vimeo.

We would like to formally introduce a new category of features that we will be having on LosGoonies properly titled, “Street Legends”.  It will be mainly focused on enthusiasts/builds that are truly works of art,  automotive work that shows pure heart and resolve with no equal.  Our first “Street Legend” comes from Baltimore, MD, owner Sean D. is no stranger to the NSX world, but his story is rather unique. Almost as if fate destined that he own an NSX, the story goes like this.  Around the time when “Miami Vice” brought onto the show a white Ferrari Testarossa, Sean’s dream of owning a white exotic sports car came into the light.


Later on in 1991, soon after the NSX release, Sean was attending the Maryland Auto Show where they were unveiling the “Grand Prix” white hue for the 1992 model year.  It was love at first sight, a couple years had passed and in 1994 to make a long story short, he pulled up to an Acura dealership in hopes of finding one. And what pulls up? A Grand Prix white NSX.


Having already been struck by the NSX bug, Sean was determined to have it. Luckily for him the owner of that particular car was in the market for a Porsche, so Sean made him an offer and it was his.


Now the interesting part about this story is this, after acquiring the car, it eventually was brought back into the dealership for service and when he was shown the history report on the car, guess what? It was the exact same NSX that was unveiled at the Maryland Auto Show back in 1991. Talk about fate.  From then on, his love for the car grew more and more and when it came to the time of him owning his 3rd NSX, he started attending the car shows with his family. He saw how the car show world went and realized something….The people and cars that “dominate” are the ones that go further than most do.


Which leads us to this NSX that we are proudly featuring, which his fourth one.  “A diamond in the rough” as he called it. The motor was built by Xavier Lotuaco and by having it built by him, the motor was truly his “Mona Lisa”, pushing out 539rwhp on only 11 psi. Insane.


Now it was time for him to make it look as good as it goes, and after doing a bit of research he acquired a FX Motorsports Developement wide body kit (One of Seven in the US) matched with Concave Forged Specialities SC-MX14 wheels, the car was turning into a serious monster.  A real street legend.


Now we fast forward to now, the car has been done since November and she is ready for the car season. What we admire is Sean’s dedication and spirit to wanting to build something that is truly a work of art. That is something that enthusiasts should look up to in inspiration, to never be content. Always push the bar higher and higher. That’s how you become legend.




FX Motor Development Wide Body Kit (8 pieces)
3M Vinyl Satin Pearl White Wrap 
3M Vinyl Satin Black Wrap on Canopy 
Black Glossed Side Mirrors 
Seibon NSX-R Hood 
JDM Honda-Badged Rear Tail Light Assembly 
APR GTC 67” Wing 
Carbon Fiber Trim Engine Hatch 


Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS 7” DVD in Double Din Console
Science of Speed Honda Navigation Pod with 7” Screen
Momo NRG Retractable Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber Accents
Red Stitch Throughout the Dashboard, Center Console and
Door Cards
Seats have been redone and Custom Embroidered with NSX
Logo on Headrest with Red Stitching on Bolsters
Alcantara Roof Lining , NSX-R Shift Knob


BC Coilovers with Swift Springs ,VIP Modular VX410 Double Staggered Fitment – 18×9.5, 19×12.5

Toyo Tires 235/40/18, 295/30/19


Professionally Built and Assembled by Certified Acura
Service Technician
Wiseco 9:2:1 Forged Pistons
Blueprinted and Balanced Rotating Assembly
Inconnel Exhaust Valves and Steel Nitrate Coated
Intake Valves
Valve Springs and Retainers
Upgraded LMA
New Valve Seals
Cosmetic MLS Head Gaskets
APR Head Studs
New Seals, Gaskets, O-Rings, Coolant Hoses and Belts


New 5-Speed Transmission Assembly
Science of Speed Damper Delete
Exedy Hyper Single Clutch Assembly


Hybrid Turbo Kit Consisting of only top quality parts
Comptech Headers
APX Angus Y-Pipe with Modified Wastegate Feed
Customized Exhaust Polished Piping with 5” Tips
PTE t4/T67 Turbocharger 6765 with Antisurge S-Cover .70A/R
Compressor Cover and .83 Trim Turbine Wheel
TiAL Sport MVR Wastegate from Full-Race
TiAL Sport Q Blow Off Valve
Science of Speed Water to Air Intercooler and Heat Exchanger
Bosch Cobra Waterpump
Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller
RB Racing Oil Scavenger Pump
Oil Feed and Return lines and Fittings
All Aluminum charge pipes
4 Ply Silicone Couplers and T-Bolt Clamps


Siemens 630CC Injectors
Walbro 225lph Pump


AEM 30-1042 Series 1 EMS
AEM Digital AFR Gauge
AEM Analog Boost Gauge
T1 Race Development Fast Acting iAT Sensor
Science of Speed 3 Bar Map Sensor
Boost Control Solenoid out is wired, but not connected or
Tuned by Innovative Motorworks in Carlisle, PA


539rwhp / 393 wtq at 11psi of boost on pumped gas

Media Team

Photography by Cary Smith – Instagram – @csmp Facebook – CSM Photography

Film and Words by Kenny Cano – Instagram – @kennycano – Facebook – Kenny Cano

Special thanks to Ian Vergara for helping us with the shoot, cant thank you enough brother.

Visit our Instagram and Facebook.


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  1. Reblogged this on Philadelphia Automotive Photography by CSM Photography and commented:

    Our greatest feature yet. If there is one thing that we could do over, it would be to photograph more cars at an earlier age. I cannot believe the opportunities that have been given so far and cannot wait for what the future has to unfold. Check out this amazingly beautiful Boosted NSX which comes along with a beautifully sculpted video in tandum by good friend Kenny C from the LosGoonies!!!

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