Flight of the Phoenix | Anthony’s S14 | Feature

Flight of the Phoenix.


For years Nissan has created incredibly austere automotive designs filling the US domestic market. This market with the recent acquisition in the last decade of Formula Drift had quickly been remembered by its rear wheel platform, the 240sx; a vehicle equipped with a 4 cylinder power plant with option of a turbo for added pep and pleasure.


As the sport grew globally many enthusiasts flocked to this platform. They seek the exhilarating feeling of the great Japanese sport. With the little skill I’ve never acquired even in small attempts blasting through dressed by winters fury, it creates a certain stimulation of freedom.


Then you think…freedom. What does it mean to be free? To take control in the midst of tire slaying fury while sliding 50-100mph into a turn? To have a grasp on a vehicle that spins its wheels successfully through 3rd full throttle? To uphold the security and sanctity of our country?   Owner Anthony F. does all. He desires freedom on the road with an outward way of thinking to quest for a well built machine.


The platform of choice a…‘96 240sx. One that had not been seen by the drift scene or the like, therefore an unmolested, clean ready to ride capsule. With budget up in the air and no real objective other than to be a daily-able ride Anthony started his build with the heart…one that would be lifted from Japan to America to help drive the swap market to the next level. Yes it has been done before but the attention to detail, tender to the installation of jdm parts and application of power is on POINT!

FelixRB25-23 FelixRB25-24

With an almost even spread of +/-368tq/388hp boosted @ 15psi this pod RIPS! When you see someone say “yeah he rips” this seems like a mild understatement when you crawl into the cockpit and drive this thing. From the straight pipes that help to accent the turbo & straight six scream to the small details like a set of switches for set of 12” fans for the hot days in summer to cool down the intercooler I can truly say this is a build I love from top to bottom.

FelixRB25-14 FelixRB25-15 FelixRB25-20

Scratch the whole engine, wheel and suspension combination, the small details like the switches or Grip Royal steering wheel or the OEM styling on the remainder of the interior, the paint is surely something to be remembered.  The paint is like a phoenix rising. As Anthony hired local friend to paint the car, the color would be a seeming “mistake”. Upon setting sight on the color, it seems it would be no mistake to any bistandard. The flake helps to pound color into the car as the sun shines across its impeccable body lines back to the wide hips.


With about a years worth of chatter and communication Anthony and this 240sx have been a blast to capture. It’s a pleasure to have beautiful images created for him for all the commitment he’s displayed to keeping our freedom. It’s about time I could pay back those who’s protected and served. Cheers Ant.





96 R33 RB25det series 2 powerplant

HKS GT2540 Turbo

HKS Turbo Elbow

Apexi 3” Downpipe

ISIS 3” Blast Pipes(no cat/mufflers) Straight pipes

Denso Sard 550cc Injectors


Nissam OEM Complete Gasket Set

Nissan OEM Timing Belt

Nissan OEM Water Pump

ZeroLift Auto Lab mount kit

One Piece Drive Shaft

CXRACING R33 Intercooler & Pipe Kit

CXRACING Aluminum Radiator

HKS Super Mega Flow Air filter

HKW Twin-Disk Clutch assembly

Walbro 255lph fuel pump



Powered by max/parts shop max

Coilovers 8kg front springs/6kg rear springs

Front Tention control rods

Rear upper control arms

Rear toe arms

Energy suspension bushing kit

Complete overhaul to polyurethane bushings

Nissan Sentra SE-R ball joins front & rear



OE Mustang Bullet Reps 17×10.5 +27

1.5” Rear wheel spacers

Gorilla Lug Nuts

300zx Front Brake conversion

Brembo Blank Rotors


Rear OEM Calipers rotors & pads

235/45/17 Hankook Ventus tires

Stock S13 Welded differential



Powered by max shifter

Powered by max hood lifters

Powred by max valve step caps

Pioneer Head Unit

Infinity Reference 6.5” speakers

Infinity Reference 10” 1k watt subwoofer

Audiobahn 8000t monoblock amp

Grip Royal Woodie Steering wheel

NRG Hub & Quick release

NGK AFX wideban 02 meter

Stewart Warner oil pressure boost gauge

Fenders rolled by Anthony

Fenders rolled with Powered by Max fender roller



A huge thanks to all the boys in the Outsliders & RB25 cliques. For all the home boys who’ve helped build this beautiful machine. RJ from Buffalo, Alex from Buffalo, Steve, Chris and Justin all from Brown’s Mill’s NAPA!



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