Tomorrow Never Dies, An E38 Story.

ScottKE38-2 copy

One would think winter would make people act like bears; hibernation mode engaged and hoopties till the upcoming spring season. For others there’s a motto to live by, “No f*c*s Given.”


Throughout the winter we spend our time categorizing, contacting, drumming up idea, spreading the word and so much more. When contacting or receiving word down the grapevine in a quote that car enthusiast can remember forever “My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.” It’s one of those moments that the winter dust strewn upon our camera equipment can be removed, the moment you feel as though you’re a bug coming out of its freezing point and feeling the warmth of the sun, that moment that you know you’ve got the hook and a righteous car will soon be in front of your lens.


The second we heard Scott’s E38 style car was running even in winter we were super stoked; a perfect start to the years shoots. Scott, a resident of Maryland owned a piece of Bavarian motor works since he had received his license. His first infatuation with the german breed was a 94 e36 325is which today are a highly sought after platform. When and if you’ve ever driven a BMW you will know that the experience you get out of these car is like no other. The balancing of the car throttling through a corner, the responsiveness to your every touch helps to transfer its ultimate experience right to the road and quickly to your destination.


As Scott engulfed himself in everything Bavarian, 2012 would mark a pivotal part to his desire to bring his taste into play. Bimmerfest is a large scale BMW car show that comes to the East every year for what will be its 4th year in 2014.   Many enthusiasts gather from all across the east with autos seeing 500k+ miles, some that have rarely seen any and are right off the boat; all exquisite examples of automobiles. One specific model that caught Scott’s eye was a cosmos black 2000 740i m-sport slammed on 19” Varrstoen wheels. Since appearing 007’s “Tomorrow Never Dies,” I’ve also been quite keen with the Sport E38 series. Sleek. Sexy. It SCREAMS class. Fully equipped Scott contacted the owner of the cosmos who had actually been attempting to sell the car. No luck finding the owner so his search would travel to the internet.




Finally one day he had a prominent builder of many E38’s. Olek from Boston, Mass was coerced to sell the clean 99+ face lifted E38and drive it all the way to Baltimore. A bond still lay’s within the new ownership of this beautifully crafted machine and old owner Olek. Scott and Olek still manage to hang out every year at the big Euro inspired event in Ocean City, MD…H20i.

ScottLux-3 ScottLux-7  ScottLux-10

After his purchase and some 220k miles his motto stretched to “No Regrets, No f*c*s Given.”

ScottLux-12  ScottLux-17


Suspension and wheels:
– FK highsport coil-overs
– H&R 30mm hub centric spacers
– 19×10 19×9 Style 231 wheels
– Rear 255/35/19 Front 235/35/19 Falken 452s

– Rear DSP shelf delete
– Custom 12” Alpine Type R enclosure with suede cover
– Alpine 500/1 Mono amp
– 2001 widescreen navi retrofit

– 1999 Xj8 rear seat picnic tables
– Color matched bumper trim/chrome delete
– Alpina front lip with shaved lettering
– Euro amber corner lights
– OEM rear foot rest

Words by Cary Smith – Instagram – CSMP – Facebook – CSM Photography

Photography by CSM Photography

Special thanks to Scott K for allowing us to capture his car! – Instagram – ileagle

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