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unnamed (2)A lot of people nowadays have forgotten how to put a true street driven vehicle together. Because of the “stance” and wheel fitment “trend” going on for the past few years, many people now consider their daily driven street vehicles with only wheels and suspension a “show car”. Finding a nicely put together, constantly driven street car is quite honestly becoming harder to come by nowadays. But for Jessica Li, the owner of this nicely put together Hyundai Genesis Coupe, those thoughts of a one dimensional street/show car have been thrown out the window.


unnamed (4)

The car is street driven well into the Northeast’s bitter winter months, and it shows from it’s curbed wheels and broken lip but, that’s what a street driven vehicle is all about. Its about the abuse and stories that comes with it. Jessica definitely makes sure she enjoys the car to the fullest as much as she can. One thing is definitely for sure, when she drives her Genesis down the street, it definitely turns heads. The subtle race car looks from all the carbon bits are definitely a nice touch.

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unnamed (3) unnamed (1)Jessica’s Genesis is a great example of how to build a nice street car that you can enjoy cruising up and down the street as well as turn all the boys heads at a meet or show. And as far as we know, she is far from done with it. She plans on adding to this already wonderful canvas in the off season so she can continue to turn heads on the street during the spring and summer. With her taste, we are sure that it wont be a problem for her. Ladies and Gents, this is how its done.

Photography by Frank Cervone @frankcervone

Car Owner – Jess @jessinthegen

-Custom Bride door panels and interior

-M&S front grill
-Sequence front lip
-Sequence side skirts
-VIS carbon fiber hood
-VIS carbon fiber trunk
-TSW Nurburgring
-Black housing headlights
-HID fogs
-vinyl wrap roof
-Sequence carbon fiber rear diffuser
-Red out tail lights
– Grimmspeed liscence plate relocator

-Turbo XS exhaust
-Megan Racing test pipe
-oil catch can
-K&N intake
-ISC coilovers
-Garageline spacers

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