FCF IV: 2013

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Photo | CSM Photography

First Class Fitment.  Year 4.  Many came, many will come.  The show has been in the running for 4 consecutive years and rightfully so.  Host Canibeat.com is a blogging network that has been in order since 2009 and has been turning out an epic show ever since.  With the location set, imagination would take flight.  Some of the finest, most gnarley and sickly fitted rides attend and bring new inspiration to those who attend for the first time.


Being the 2nd time of appearance at First Class Fitment I entered and stopped at the sliding fence gate.  Being on the top of the perch, cars can be seen from front to back.  Epic levels of stoke course through my blood as I cast my eyes upon some of the coolest builds in the area.



As my eyes cast left and right, familiar faces pop in and out, smiles gleaming at the turn out and the amount of spectators astounds.


As a photographer and contributor to the automotive community it’s daunting to attend so many shows stacking up throughout the year but Canibeat sure does make it hard to say no.

FirstClass-35 FirstClass-36

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