Rollhard show 2013 by Jonny Elliot on Vimeo.com

Our friends from the UK, RollHard, held their very first show, so our buddy Jonny Elliot (elliot photography)  blessed us with a dope video of the event. Check out what he had to say about it after you hit the jump.

“People began gathering around the entrance as early as 9:30 in the morning waiting for the show to start at 9am with people traveling from all over the UK.  It was Rollhard’s first show after the success of a large meet the previous year. Duxford Imperial War Museum provided more than a car show with the choice of looking at some historical aeroplanes and tanks. THe main focus, however, were the great turnout of cars, with Belgian Rollhard members making the long trip to attend the show making it that little bit more special. It also gave everyone a chance to see some cars you wouldn’t normally see in person. From then on out the show was chilled out with no misbehavior in the perfect, friendly environment. There was everything from Audi’s and VWs, to Vauxhalls and Hondas with the special attendance of some fine BMWs hosting crazy custom mods. The show ended witht he award ceremony with trophies from sponsors given to the top 5 cars of the show. One winner in particular was an EK Civic in purple with an insane amount of work put into it and a well-deserved winner.” – elliot photography

Sounded like a good time. Maybe the goons from the USA can make the trip to check out the event next year….

Words by Elliot Photography and Evan Stokes

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