The Tuner Evolution Experience | 2013 | Photo/Video Coverage

Tuner Evo

The show scene has been hurting the East, especially in the Northeast area for quite sometime. Many of the high profile shows that came from California has pretty much thinned out and stop traveling out to the East. There was a void that needed to be filled to truly showcase what the East Coast had to offer.  Jay Martinez decided to do something about that problem and created Tuner-Evolution and this years iteration showcased some the best quality builds we’ve ever seen. Hit the jump to check out the whole experience through our eyes and words….


We start things off with the Friday before the show….We decided to hold our popular Panda Meets for the first time outside of NJ. All the locals we knew said to hold the event at an IKEA in South Philadelphia because many of the locals meet there. Of course, the local PD broke it up immediately, and the word quickly spread that a back up meet was at a world renown restaurant Tony Luke’s. The back up spot went a lot more smoothly and the cars and people kept driving in.







With a fun night filled with friends, cars and cheesesteaks behind us, it was time to wake up in the morning and go to the show. Many people had to wake up as early as 4:30am to make the drive out to Pennsylvania if you did not stay the night before.


The Elite Lower Class crew decided to roll with a few Goons on the way to the venue.



John Paul is Big Pappa Smurf in his flat blue s2000. Check out the feature on his car here.





Our homie and Goonie, Frank Cervone, got right to shooting as the cars and booths were getting ready before the show started.



This RHD Legacy on the new Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels was one of my personal favs. Nice, different build.





The LosGoonies.com/StickerChickGraphics booth featured many of our personal friends and supporters beautiful rides. From Euro to JDM we had it covered. Cars like Goonie Genaro Romero’s Turbo R32 to Dan Holden’s beautiful 280z.


DSC_0093-2This Veilside Fortune widebody RX7 looked gorgeous on those SSR SP1s.

DSC_0185DSC_0182The shits….they were never given.


DSC_0280DSC_0275The homies from Fresh Meet made sure they had some heat at their booth. This STI cladded in Varis armor looks so menacing. Definitely broke necks all show long.


The Rav Spec booth had a huge line of cars rolling on some Japan’s finest wheel companies.

DSC_0285TunerEvolution-34TunerEvolution-45Quality builds were everywhere. Loved the body work on this M3 from New York. Goonie Andrew Brandao shared his experience, “Even though I was having technical difficulties with my camera, this was one of my favorite events that I’ve ever been to. Amazing car quality, a top notch show staff, and a all the new people I met made the event and weekend incredibly awesome. Kudos to the Tuner Evo Team.”


The official clothing sponsor of Tuner-Evolution, Flipzco, making their presence known.


TunerEvolution-32The midwest also had presence from a few members from JDM Chicago who made the trek to check out what the Beast Coast had to offer.

TunerEvolution-27TunerEvolution-29TunerEvolution-53TunerEvolution-54The homie Miro showcased the work of his company JSUTAI. His E30 M3 is put together wonderfully.

TunerEvolution-52TunerEvolution-90TunerEvolution-88TunerEvolution-74Team Ego Killer, bought an onslaught of amazing builds and show stoppers. Quality detail in many of their rides.

DSC_0352TunerEvolution-81TunerEvolution-82TunerEvolution-79TunerEvolution-101TunerEvolution-99TunerEvolution-77TunerEvolution-86Even Eleanor herself showed up. She’s still gorgeous.

TunerEvolution-41Liberty VIP‘s BLACK 4 event was going at the event as well, showcasing some of the finest VIP rides the east has roaming in streets.

TunerEvolution-40TunerEvolution-36TunerEvolution-44TunerEvolution-42DSC_0174TunerEvolution-165TunerEvolution-151TunerEvolution-148TunerEvolution-149AMS Autowerks had a few of their killer builds as well like our buddy Bruno Felicia’s EVO.

TunerEvolution-162TunerEvolution-164TunerEvolution-161TunerEvolution-176TunerEvolution-178TunerEvolution-73Best of Show ladies and gentlemen. This bugeye Subaru WRX took top honors with its race style show looks. Amazing build.


Of course this wasn’t just a car show. A freestyle BMX, B-Boy, RC Car, and Bikini Contest kept the attendees happy and entertained. Goonie photographer Frank Cervone had this to say, “…all the cars were immaculate, models were top notch and along with the cars the list of events they had going on we’re a nice addition to the show. I met a lot of new people and had the chance to catch up with a few old faces as well, all in all Tuner Evoution was a great show and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

TunerEvolution-30Goonie Genaro Romero had this to say about the event. “…from the cars to the models, b-boys, and the BMX riders, everything was on point. Best show Ive been to so far. The quality of cars that were under that roof was amazing. Many other shows should take notes on how to pick cars for a hand picked car show.”

TunerEvolution-183The one and only Jeri Lee and Emkay Vee were the hosts at the bikini contest, which of course the show attendees all flocked over to the stage to see.

TunerEvolution-184TunerEvolution-188TunerEvolution-201Goonie photographer Cary Smith of CSM Photo had this to say about the event. “….This year was my first year attending a Tuner-Evolution show and my cudo’s to Jay. Supreme amount of effort, flawless cars from all around, great people, vendors, you name it….This show is by far setting the stage for a lot of other who are aiming to step up to the plate and do what Jay and his team has created for us. Thank you Jay, Fresh Meet Events, SNTRL, my boys at Los Goonies, RavSpec, PASMAG, Advent, Pride Motorsports, the guys over at EGO Killers, USDM Freax, Sound Garden, Coors for the tasty beverages, the incredible rides at EMOTION, the DC Racing team, the cleanest dopiest rides contributed by Liberty VIP and much much more.”

Well said. We can’t until next year.

Tuner Evolution | LosGoonies | 2013 from Kenny Cano on Vimeo.

Photos by Goonies Frank Cervone and CSM Photo

Words by Evan Stokes, Genaro Romero, Cary-Smith, Frank Cervone, and Andrew Brandao

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  1. This show was a perfect example of why more shows like it should come to our area. From what I saw the turn out was awesome. The cars were insane. Hope this is the start of many shows in our area. Unfortunately I was the dumb ass who damn near got his leg cut off by a exhaust tip and bled like a pig in the bathroom. Had to leave b4 I saw everything but it was def a good show.

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