Fresh Meet | Summer Bash | Union NJ



SummerSlam-4 Fresh Meet Events returned to New Jersey with another banger at Kean University for their Summer Bash in the city of Union. Even with the strong possibility of heavy thunderstorms, the people still showed….and they showed heavily. Spectator parking was filling up as the day went on. But of course, nature ran its course. The rain started slowly, cars in the show started to close their hoods, and roll up their windows. The people started to disperse, and sadly the event was cut short by a few hours. Still was definitely a great event. Quality cars everywhere. Great job Fresh Meet Event Staff. On to the coverage. SummerSlam-6 Its always nice seeing a great mix of cars present at an event, Fresh Meet was an amazing mix. SummerSlam-14 Ambers on deck, For the win. Dope! Fresh Meet Stefan rolling in with that big booty.

FreshMeet FreshMeet FreshMeet

Redrum, never looked sogood.

SummerSlam-8 SummerSlam-15

Miro came out with his new toy, yes the photo to the bottom of this caption. Cant wait.

SummerSlam-10 SummerSlam-16 SummerSlam-21 SummerSlam-22

I spy with my little eye a Manny Feebo.

SummerSlam-18 SummerSlam-29

Minty Minty, look who it is.


Pure Raw Racing inspired.

SummerSlam-45DSC_5796 FreshMeet88 FreshMeet 93 FreshMeet-89 FreshMeet-87SummerSlam-62

Muzzy looking mean, One of One RHD 350z’s in the US.

SummerSlam-55 SummerSlam-53 SummerSlam-52



Alpine FTW, Ambers always look good.

1005256_479132868842450_1044295012_n 8864_479132815509122_914760251_n

DSC_5773 SummerSlam-130 SummerSlam-124 SummerSlam-126 SummerSlam-117

Beautiful EK.

SummerSlam-111 SummerSlam-106 SummerSlam-104

Def a looker, not something you see every day.


Mr.Lee looking very vintage indeed.

DSC_5796 DSC_5795 DSC_5722

Someone tell this girl she cute for us.


Alexa from our friends at AP Bikini Team came through.


Willy on that Legend Game.


DSC_5805 DSC_5713 DSC_5727 SummerSlam-232 SummerSlam-229 SummerSlam-204 SummerSlam-194 SummerSlam-184 SummerSlam-173 SummerSlam-171

Subi’s in Full Effect

SummerSlam-165 SummerSlam-168 SummerSlam-143 SummerSlam-118 SummerSlam-107 SummerSlam-77 SummerSlam-61 SummerSlam-40 SummerSlam-2

The attendance was a sold out event,  Fresh Meet did awesome work putting this together, next one coming through in the fall. Stay tuned.  All Photography by CSM Photo, Patrick Donahue, and Kenny Cano.

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