GOONKNIGHT SPOTLIGHT – Becca’s STI Swapped Impreza 2.5RS



Cleanliness is next to godliness….thats how it goes right?  Lately I’m a heavy believer in elbow grease, blood and beer.  Becca H. has honestly built one of nicest OEM+ style GC’s I’ve seen in a heck of a long time.

I’ve known Becca, or rather known of her from all of the Subie meets that have been hosted around the Philadelphia greater area.  From shows to Tuesday night local Subie meets at the Philadelphia Art Museum Steps, this pampered goddess glistens as the sun strokes her pretty paint.


As a previous GC owner, Becca knew all too well that her old RS desire would come back with a vengeance.  This one really has bitten her in the butt.  A 04 STI swap with forged internals, stock top mount intercooler, a complete overhaul of suspension parts such as hubs, axels, brand new STi swapped larger brakes and the famous 6 speed transmission bring this car its claim to fame.  Although its not a 400whp beast…yet…it still stands next to and purs like the rest of them.


The first aspects of the transformation were to completely overhaul the exterior of the car.  Becca is a person of fine detail.  Every ding corrected, not bondo’d over, the antena was welded over and a fresh batch of incredible clear world rally blue coat of paint.



Becca just couldn’t resist getting her baby a fresh treatment of a photoshoot so I took every second to soak in how beautiful of a build this GC is.  It’s been around for a while but not quite in the same gravity as it holds now.  I honestly cannot wait for this beast to rev past 4.5k after its well deserved break in period!







Photography & Words by Cary Smith

Facebook – CSM – http://www.facebook.com/CSMFotoLLC?fref=ts

Web – CSM –  http://www.cary-smith.com/

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