ÜBERfest | Deutschland | Event Coverage

Main- _0BP6376 Its all started with an idea from a group of friends over in Germany, to create and event just like the ones we have here in the states, a show with Quality Cars and that touch of Unique feeling to it. Believe it or not when it comes to the car scene in Germany is a couple years behind ours, that has always been the case. Just how we are a couple years behind Japan and so forth. _0BP6429 _0BP6377 ssd berfest2013015 _0BP6455 So from this great idea came forth “ÜBERfest”, brought to life by Philip Berndt from good friend of LSG, Manuel Meller from Streetstylez (One of the first Importers of JDM parts to Germany), Markus Reiche from Kaido Autosport, and like all great ideas with the help and support of good friends and family. Half a year went into planning the event, over in Germany it isnt how it is here where most likely you will find more than a handfull of nice cars within driving distance. Over there its a mission, and organizing something like this and actually pulling it off is something that isnt seen every day. _0BP6514 _0BP6530 _0BP6451 _0BP6436 _0BP6497 _0BP6496 _0BP6501 _0BP6512 _0BP6406 _0BP6411 _0BP6423 berfest2013071 berfest2013062 berfest2013055 berfest2013045 berfest2013033 berfest2013015 berfest2013019 berfest2013005 berfest2013007 berfest2013021 berfest2013008 berfest2013010 berfest2013031 berfest2013028 _0BP6517 _0BP6541 _0BP65992 IMG_5315 Cars from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany of course were present, Even World BMX Flatland champion was present (. Also Daniel and the guys from Format67 linked up with the guys at Uberfest to Debut “We Write the Streets Part II Teaser” at the event.

WE WRITE THE STREETS PART II TRAILER from FORMAT67.NET on Vimeo. In the end the event was something for everyone to enjoy, and honestly cant wait till the next one. Photography by Philipp Berndt

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