MINT STI – THE ANTI RALLY EPIPHANY – Ian Galvez’s 2011 WRX STI Hatchback



Conventional thinking, coloring within the lines, walking the fine line….things people all to well do without giving a second thought. Having followed the car industry, it seems that many people are pushing the limits harder than ever. For owner Ian G. this ride contradicts everything learned in school at a young age.


In December, 2011 Ian Galvez opened his wallet and slapped down his payment for a brand new White Subaru WRX STi hatchback.

History dictates “normal” modifications for these beasts generally should be for offroad rallying or hill-climb ascents. From the early 80’s the Subaru World Rally Team would generate a powerhouse that would deliver a substantial amount of power from a small powerplant in a big way.

The forced induction creates a BLAST of power as the turbocharger swaths air into its intake and connects the gears to all 4 corners. The driver quickly clutches into 2nd as they are pinned to the back of their seat. The wastegate sounds like an small tornado traveling at warp speed through the woods as the world class driver breezes through all the gears. Up and down and up and down, slipping through corners downshifting to spin effortlessly through the corners.


This would be much of the history for Ian’s race bred Subaru but for him, this platform would be one to make new records. It would be to make a MINT(no pun intended) STi with fresh styling and neck breaking abilities. Nothing about this exterior appeals to ANY rally-spec Subaru lover. This STi would transform from beast, to elegant beauty. Starting the long laundry list of wants, needs and desires, one month of owning this Cinderella of a hatch Ian G. received a set of BC BR Racing coilovers which would soon after be accompanied by authentic Work Emotion XD9’s. Nothing short of a premium build to start it seems!

6th Annual Spring Meet

Time and time again coloring inside the lines was something Ian just did not know how to do. He wanted to show the crowd what a “Ruined Rally Car” was. From all around the country, inspiration would flood his brain and word and temptation came from other enthusiasts of different ideas that many would think did not make sense. It was as if a mad scientist was brewing up some sort of Frankenstein which wasn’t just brought together with shoddy misused parts or tarnished old style looks. The STi as time passed would slowly go from zero to hero.

Automotive blogs from large to small all wanted a piece. We were lucky enough to meet Ian at the Tri-State tuners in 2012 when his car had been stripped inside, pretty on the outside but in an overall glance just effing CLEAN! At the time of our formal meeting, the STi had 18×10’s on it. Wait…what? Yes, 18×10 on a slammed static STi! We couldn’t manage NOT to take photographs of this thing! Even with the 1700+ cars that attended the benefit, this one although subtle at first, screamed with further inspection.

6th Annual Spring Meet

6th Annual Spring Meet

Who on earth would think to put something that wide on a car? Slam it? Gut the interior? Someone with an imagination a flight!



As Ian and I kept in contact, we knew he’d have some kind of wild innovations for the car in the near future. Instagram post after another, the car slowly but surely started developing. Hundreds of photographs later, we would post on his wall to get a shoot. Although the car is not 100% we had to grasp it before it would be whored out to every car meet in the N.E.!



A Mint Green full body wrap from Phenomynal Vinyl would protect and shine for car enthusiasts to spectate on. Brand new 18×10.5F +22 18x11R +28 CCW LM20’s wrapped with Kuhmo Ecstasy 245/35’s glisten in the sun while the shutter releases from our fingers. After 4 hours of bliss and utter amazement we’d place our lens caps back on, shake hands and part ways and crash.



Waking up with this footage still in camera, we couldn’t help to look. As you can see…..it’s like Christmas in May.


Ian would like to thank his sponsors and people that helped this build come together:

Shout outs to GT-Spec/RavSpec, Phenomenal Vinyl, IAG Performance, All the members of the SubieGang, my father for having me grow up around S2000’s since I was 12 He’s on S2ki.com (S~FACTOR) him and I make custom splitters for almost any car. . and Rachael Ambrose being supportive and attending all my shows with me. a.k.a my co-pilot.

Specific Modifications


Blacktop Aero VR CF front lip
BlackTop Aero CF Side Skirts
BlackTop Aero CF Rear Skirts
Custom front splitter
Custom rear diffuser
Custom license plate re-locater
Perrin Wing Risers
Blacked out stock housing Headlights
Blacked out side markers
Blacked out rear reflectors
White Hella SuperTones
Painted Red TailLights
JDM Rain Visors
Carbign Craft CF License Plate Frame
Bronze/Copper Silver Flaked Brembos


Cobb SF Intake
Invidia Street N1 Single
Invidia Catless Downpipe


Cobb Acessport
KillerB White Shift Knob
NRG Short Hub
NRG 2.8 Neochrome Quick Release
NRG Steering Wheel
Bride Wrapped Interior
Suede Wrapped Interior
AEM Wideband.
Glow Shift Air Pressure Gauge
Hardwood Floor Trunk


Airlift Performance Struts
5 gallon aluminum tank
Whiteline 22mm Front Sway bar
Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway bar
Whiteline Rear Support Brace
Whiteline Rear Toe Arms
GTSpec Rear Control Arms
Ichiba Extended Studs
GTSpec Front Camber Bolts
Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads


CCW LM20 18×11 +28 18×10.5 +22
Kumho Ectasy 245/35/18

All photography Done by Cary Smith

Facebook – CSM – http://www.facebook.com/CSMFotoLLC?fref=ts

Web – CSM –  http://www.cary-smith.com/

Instagram – csmp

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