The Art of Clubloose – Episode One

Art of Clubloose

Art of Clubloose

Over the years grassroots drifting has become such an integral part of the whole experience, that has made fans of the sport start to appreciate it and come out to more local events. And when it comes to drifting,  the word “Clubloose” is the always right next the word Grassroots. Being a local to Clubloose, it has always been to me the origin point for all of grassroots drifting.

Art of Clubloose

This is were the greats are not born, but made. Its always something great to witness a rookie driver starting in C-Class barely able to initiate, start throwing themselves into tandem ten car drifts in A-Class, while having already enough battle scars and stories to hold there own.

_DSC0651 _DSC1056 _DSC0941 _DSC0813 _DSC1019 _DSC0883 Art of Clubloose

We here are starting an black and white photo series encompassing all the art that is Clubloose. This is Episode one, Enjoy more to come soon.

All Photography by Michael Russo

As always visit his page to show love


IG- iammichaelrusso

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