Royalty Dubbed | Direct from UK | Lee’s R32

Royalty Dubbed


When I first layed eyes on this car,  I was amazed on how clean and simple this car looks. More when I found out that it was Lee’s daily driver I couldn’t believe it.  But then again why would you build a car and let it sit and not enjoy it right?


It all started in Manchester England where Lee picked up this car from a previous R32OC owner.  Now before owning the  R32 Lee already had a list of what mods he wanted to do.


Now we all have different tastes, so the first thing he worked on was the look of the car. He started with the rear wiper delete and he went back to OEM R32 tail lights since the previous owner had gotten rid of them. He also fitted some US side markers to the front bumper and wired them up to be his indicators. Bagging the car and throwing a set of 2 piece Rial Daytona splits was his major move. After getting that out the way he gave it a personal touch that would turn out to be a HIT!


Lee always wanted a R-line rear bumper but the exhaust delete and the dual exhaust pipe mod is a very popular mod with these cars and he wanted to do something different. So he looked around for some ideas and he saw the way the MK5/MK6 exhaust looked and immediately feel in love.  Since that is something completely new for these cars he knew he had to get a custom exhaust to fit the bumper, which has two very small silencers. Not knowing how the car will sound was something that was bottled in the back of this head. But when he first turned on the car and heard it he knew he had pulled something off that no one has ever done.

LG8LG17 LG9 LG13LG12 LG14 LG15

The itch to keep modding the car was in full effect and still is. He gave the interior some personal touches, and he has some plans that he would like to do but when your looking to save money for the new house and your significant other, they usually aren’t a fan on “blowing money” on the car. But for the most part she understands and puts up with him he says.

LG7 LG2 LG4 LG5 LG6 LG23 LG3 LG21 LG19

We would love to see Lee and his beautiful R32 come visit us here in the States, but till that happens we would have to just stare at pictures and embrace the beauty of it thru the computer screen.

Words by Genaro Romero

Photography by Elliot Photography

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