Dream Garage – Directly from Germany – Feature

Dream Garage


There are times in this life we all call Motorsports or what have you, that we witness something that can move the heart, motivate the sense and stir the mind.  Today we bring you one of those moments, directly from Germany our Fellow Goon Philipp Berndt  from USED4.net shares his personal garage with us.



This garage was handed down to Philipp from his grandfather 3 years ago, the garage was nothing compared to what you see now.  Being a Master mechanic in Germany hard work is something that comes natural, Alongside with his girlfriend Natalia, they slowly started breaking down the old garage, and bringing the new one into the light.




Modeled after the original Nismo Style- Factory (theme) and after three years the results speak very well for itself. And like all great stables, Great stallions must accompany its environment.


Philip having always been a fan of Skylines ever since he was a kid made it natural that two of the three beauties that sleep here at night would be skylines.

DreamGarage28 DreamGarage29

The first though is a crx, mild work nothing to crazy a simple fun daily,



The Second is a r32 (yes on grids his TE37’s are on way, they’re just a bit harder to get in germany) with a good list of mods that we will show at the end of the article,

DreamGarage11 DreamGarage22


and lastly the main attraction is his r34 again mods will be listed at the end of article.

DreamGarage12 DreamGarage16

Love to the Goons on deck.

DreamGarage13 DreamGarage14 DreamGarage8

Some love to our friends at Format67.Net

DreamGarage6 DreamGarage5 DreamGarage9 DreamGarage1

The main reason of this feature was to show our fans that with hard work anything is possible in life, no matter what your goal may be.  Philipp started from a garage that had no sense of life to it and brought to a level where anyone from any aspect of Motorsport would walk in and have a good sense of love for it.  This is something that we hope inspires others to keep working hard and Never Give Up.  Like Goonies say “NeverSayDie”

Photography by Philipp Berndt

Mods on CRX


Selfmade manifold (and heat tape)

Fujitsubo exhaust

D16 with stroker and non vtec

Hondata ECU

KW Suspension Stage 2

German Keskin Rims

Carbon Hood with Hoodspacer (engine is to hot)

950kg with 170HP
Mods on R32

BNR32 Last Gen 1994

Trust Downpipe

5Zigen Exhaust

Complete New Engine

Blitz Dual SBC

Mines Stage 1 ECU

Trust Intakes

K-Sport Suspension in Super Low Down Mode

Greddy Turbotimer

Bride Brix Seat

Competition Clutch Stage 2

Nismo Oil Pump

Nismo Water Pump

HKS Timing Belt


Mods for R34

Farndom 2.8 Billet Custom Spec 3 V-conditioned crank
Cosworth Race 2.8 Pistons.
Bore / Honed Decked Block
PEC H-Beam rods
Nismo S1 Head with Limited Edition Nismo Crackle Finish Paint to rocker covers
HKS Step 1 Cam’s
HKS 1.2 mm Head Gasket
Full Tomie / HKS Gasket set.
ACL Race Bearings
ARP studs / bolts
Modified oil squirters
Accusump 2 litre oil reserve plus oil damper.
Apexi B60 Twin low mount Turbos
Tomie Sump Baffles / Gate system
Tomie Veneer Pulleys / HKS High Power timing belt
Clear Cam Cover
Engine Damper
Kakimoto Exhaust (cat back)
Japspeed Silenced decat
Apexi Exhaust Valve (manual control)
Full braided lines to oil + water
2nd catch tank with integrated Washer bottle
Carbon Triple Plate Clutch
Ross Tech Harmonic damper
Fuel system
Sard Injectors
4 LTR custom Surge tank
Full Braided lines to fuel system
in tank Nismo Fuel Pump
External Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Over ride electric fans
HKS FCON PRO 3.2 Piggy back ECU
HKS Knock Amp
HKS A/F display with direct feedback to ECU
HKS Launch Control / Power Builder
Gizmo Boost Controller with 6 pre set power levels
Grid Dancer RWD – 4WD Controller Racing 360mm front rotors (Front)
AP Racing 6 pot callipers (Front)
DS2000 Race Pads (Front)
3G rotors (rear)
Brembo Callipers (Rear)
Yellow Stuff Pads (Rear)
Alloy Water Radiator
N1 Oil Pump
N1 Water Pump
N1 Thermostat
Nismo S1 Inlet Plenum with Limited Edition Nismo Crackle Finish Paint
Nismo Turbo elbows
Nismo down pipe
Nismo full hard pipe kit to turbos with twin HKS blow of valves
Nismo Catch tank with sump return.
Nismo Fuel Pressure regulator
Nismo Intercooler
Nismo Oil Cooler + braided lines
Nismo S1 ECUNismo S1/R1 suspension. Full adjustable (Height, Rebound, Hard/Soft)
Nismo Oil Filler Cap
Nismo Rad Cap
Nismo Exhaust manifolds
Nismo Oil Cooler with Carbon ducts
Nismo Top Turbo Pipe work
Nismo Bushes etc
Nismo One off Special BBS Wheels.
Nismo Front light Weight Bumper
Nismo Carbon Pillars
Nismo Side Skirts
Nismo Rear bumper Skirts
Nismo Clear indictors (front)
Nismo Clear indicators (side)
Nismo Rear LED lights
Nismo Clear Reverse + Fog lights
V-spec Front diffuser
V-spec Carbon rear Diffuser

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