Clubloose – Opening Moves – Event Coverage Photos/Video

PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotographer-ClubLoose-6 Finally Clubloose is here! Click the photo to view the Epicness that occurred that day. OpeningMoves   This opening moves was a special one, One the weather was amazing,  two the driver count was unlike any other, and three the stands were packed with people. OpeningMoves Opening Moves Everyone was having that itch for the start of the drift season, drivers and spectators alike. PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotographer-ClubLoose-68 PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotographer-ClubLoose-61   Mike Burke rocking his Art of Goon hoody like a bawse. PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotographer-ClubLoose-33 Opening Moves Opening Moves PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotographer-ClubLoose-1 Clubloose facilitated and created an awesome event, like they always do.  As a media guy I will be honest, I missed the smell of tire smoke at E-Town, the sound of engines roaring from the grid, the split second silence before the intiation.

Opening Moves

Opening Moves



Hearing this made the senses realize that the year had officially begun, and it was time to Drift.

Opening Moves

Here we see the Goonie Race Car Driven by Reese Marin killing it as a good start to the great season that we have in store

Opening Moves

Opening Moves

Overall it was a great event, We would like to thank our photographer and Official Goonie

Cary from CSM Photo for taking some amazing photos from the day, and Also Matt Petty, Tim and Kevin Johnsrud and the whole CL team for organizing an awesome event, and now to start the season. We cant wait.

Heres an Edit by Justin Hoffman, of what occured on that day.
Awesome day.

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