Feature – Built With Brotherly Love – Alan and Alex’s EG Hatchback



Twins. Something you don’t always see but always know that where you see one, the other is in close proximity. In this case Alan and Alex B. have double teamed their little 95 eg Honda hatch with a touch of perfection.


8 months ago, the $3k budget was to be severely stretched. From rust to premium interior to the eye of a perfectionist., both knew that if they build this thing it would have to be on the top of the food chain.



“ taking the pride on doing something, never give up, just keep on moving and always FIND A WAY!! “



The goal of the build is to show that anything is possible. Just like Michael Jordan, any of the haters can give you their opposition but when it comes to the sheer sight and lust for this red rocket, one cannot deny it’s quality and attention to detail.



It is important that when building a car to have a keen sense of detail. Alan and Alex’s ultimate goal is exceed the expectations of a normal every day builder. From the loyalty to skunk2 racing to the spike bolts used in the engine bay, on the cylinder head, the bride door card inserts, shift knob and a host of other goodies, the B. Brothers knocked this one out of the park on their first attempt. This, is their show stopping bottle rocket.





Fully Built D16z6 1.6L with a 60trim turbo.


All Bride fabric

Bride Low Max Seats with the takata harnesses

Rear seat delete

Private Label x bar

NRG quick release steering wheel


JDM fenders

Front lip

Black housing head lights

JDM side moldings


Skunk2 Pro coilovers

Skunk2 tie bar

Gold Skunk2 rear lower control arms

Gold Skunk2 front camber kit

Skunk2 rear camber kit

KLUTCH sl1 wheels 15″ x 8.5″ wrapped by 195/45/15 tires

We would like to thank Alan and Alex B. for allowing us to feature their wonderful build.

Photography and Words by Cary Smith

Facebook – CSM – http://www.facebook.com/CSMFotoLLC?fref=ts

Web – CSM –  http://www.cary-smith.com/

Instagram – csmp

Thank you for reading.

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