Feature | A Shade of Color in a Flat World | John Paul’s S2000



When we say people are lucky, there is only one thing to ask…how lucky? Determination and sheer love for the Automotive Scene launched John Paul into being a proud owner of a once Silverstone s2k, in which  John transformed this tame mare into a star-struck, Azuka wrapped, supercharged beast.





John would acquire his AP2 in 2009 bone stock with 11,000 miles on her. The gem shined in the sun with it’s Silverstone paint and it’s…..beautiful wheel gaps? Let’s be real…this is a track ready bullet that with minimal upgrades can hang with any larger displaced engines.


JohnnyS2k-2 copy

JohnnyS2k-3 copy


The AP2’s first set of shoes were Wedsport Tc105N’s in addition to the symphony of sounds from the Greddy TiC exhaust. Even with the wheels and exhaust his overall determination is to keep the stooka(es-too-kay) as clean and functional while turning heads all around the North East.



JohnnyS2k-13 copy

Overall, the S2k’s future keeps blowing people’s minds. The original ideas were to keep the car stock, as John had put in many hours into his previous show stopping featured vehicles this was no easy feat. Having been poisoned by the modified realm, he desired his new ride to be stock until the full moon would bring in a high tide of Japanese authentic parts fresh off the cargo ships. Many days and nights with bruised knuckles and sweat kept John poised to make this into something different.



Johns mission was to convey to his audience that the real deal car builds are still out there. A lot of people find themselves in the whirlwind of the fad, but this one owner is “lucky” enough to continue to bring something that moves, grooves and strays from the norm in an angelic manner. It keeps its audience begging for more. It’s a true leader of its pack.


John first and foremost thanks his wife Nicole, a previous FG2 import owner that joined him. Tony at Evasive motorsports, Evan’s Tuning, Tommy at Auto Vinyl Solutions, to all friends & the crew over here at Los Goonies that keep him inspired to keep wanting more out of every machine he has and will own.




Kraftwerks High Boost Supercharger with Front Mount Intercooler and Mocal Oil Control System
J’s Racing Header
Berk 70mm High Flow Cat
Greddy TiC 70mm Dual Exhaust w/ Titanium tips
Hondata Flashpro
Science of Speed Clutch and Pressure Plate
Lighter OEM Ap1 flywheel
NGK Iridium’s
Custom Battery Heatshield
Nrg Carbon Fiber Hood dampeners
ASM cooling plate
Walboro Fuel Pump
AEM Boost and Oil Pressure Gauges


Custom Suede trunk and center arm rest with red stitching
Moddiction anvil shift knob


Cr lip
Modified front bumper – Brake Cooling Vents
OEM Hardtop
Downforce Carbon Fiber +30mm wide fenders
Downforce Carbon Fiber side diffusers
JDP Engineering Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser
Tamon Design Carbon Fiber rear spoiler
Clear side markers
Shaved front license plate holes
Rolled rear fenders & Bumper tab relocation
3M 1080 Matte Metallic Blue full body vinyl wrap
3M 1080 Matte Black Hardtop vinyl wrap


Tien Suspension
Custom Anodized Black CCW LM5‘s Wheels 17”x10” front – 17”x11” rear : polished 3.5” lip rear – 3”
lip front
Goodrich Steel Braided Brake Lines with ATE Super Blue Racing Fluid
Beaks Lower Tie Bar

We would like to thank John for giving us the opportunity to feature a piece of art that this car is.

Photography and Words by Cary Smith

Facebook – CSM – http://www.facebook.com/CSMFotoLLC?fref=ts

Web – CSM –  http://www.cary-smith.com/

Instagram – csmp

Thank you for reading.

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