Sneaker Watch: O.G. NIKE AIR JORDAN III 88′ O.G.



Nostalgia Collectors, Jordan Heads, and all out sneaker fiends rejoice. Nike and Jordan brand has finally heard everyone’s call. Celebrating 25 years of the Air Jordan 3, the classic sneaker will finally be re-released with the original “Nike Air” brand on the back of the shoe, just like in 1988. No more Jumpman logo like all the past “retro” releases. Just all original nostalgia, just like when Jordan originally wore these at the Slam Dunk Championship in Chicago back then. These will release on FEBRUARY 6th, 2013 at the Nike Store and Jordan Account holders for $200. I’m sure there will be lines at retailers for these when these drop.

One Reply to “Sneaker Watch: O.G. NIKE AIR JORDAN III 88′ O.G.”

  1. Although there have been many Air Jordan 3′s being Retro’ed as of late, this one will hold a little bit more value. Do you think the small details make a big enough difference to purchase them?

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