AMS Autowerks | Meet for a Cause

“Tis better to give than receive”

This is a statement that we’ve heard at some point in our lives. Philosophical and theological beliefs a side the folks over at AMS AUTOWERKS hold these words to be true.

Over the past 5 years, AMS AUTOWERKS has been gaining popularity as a premiere shop in the New York City Tri-State area. Their quite known for their quality builds, setting trends and thinking outside the box. They’ve been consistent in building some pretty dope cars and in this crazy car scene that’s almost rare. One of their latest creations that instantly went viral is a bagged Porsche Panamera on DPE wheels and full Caractere body kit. Being different is what they do. So, it was no
surprise when they got together and decided to throw their first “Meet For A Cause” fundraiser to benefit March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society.

Shop owner Diogo and Pat his Public Relations Coordinator hold these two organizations near and dear to their hearts. You see, nearly a year ago Diogo’s wife under went several chemo treatments and hospitalizations. Thankfully, she
fought a good fight and all is well. Pat and his wife suffered an unforeseen tragedy when they lost their first born after only being in the womb for five months. These guys understand life’s challenges and when you’re given lemons you can sit and be
sour or make lemonade. These guys chose the latter. And decided to draw the car community in together to help provide financial support to these two deserving organizations.

What an AMAZING Day. The weather was picture perfect. The morning air was crisp and felt like the beginnings of fall. The day however, would quickly heat up and if you weren’t careful that farmer’s tan quickly turned bright red. The setting for this event was the Union County Vocational & Technical Schools in Scotch Plains, NJ. We were on scene as the first car rolled in
and we were impressed with the quality as well as the variety of cars that came out. There were food vendors, clothing, sticker and several other vendors that came out to support such a noble cause. This was a laid back event with a DJ keeping the
crowd rocking to the latest tunes.

People could be seen chatting it up with each other while others admired the beauty of all the cars. It was nice to see families out at this event. Pat said, “Our goal for today is to raise awareness and raise money ” by the looks of things I think the AMS
crew did just that. The event was well organized with plenty of room for all the cars. The AMS crew had their personal cars out which added to the excitement of the show. With 150 plus show cars in attendance including Domestics, Euro’s, and the Asian markets there was plenty to see.

Through the help of sponsors and vendors there were plenty of items raffled off from t-shirts to brand new deeply discounted wheels. Each vendor donated additional items to help increase ticket sales. We were compelled to buy a few raffles with the hopes of winning, but turned up nothing.  Representatives from the American Cancer Society and March of Dimes spoke sharing information with the crowd of car enthusiasts. Both groups had booths set up and it was nice to see people chatting with them, donating additional monies and purchasing a few of their products. The tearjerker moment came when the representative from March of Dimes made a special presentation to Pat and his wife in memory of their daughter. Needless to say all those in attendance were proud they came out to support.

The day ended with awards. Although this was an organized “Meet” Diogo said “we just want to acknowledge the guys and girls that put so much work into their cars so we have to give out awards” A total of 16 awards were given out. The day ended with a group picture.

Big respect to the AMS Autowerks Crew, all the sponsors, show car owners and all the spectators who helped support this event. We’re sure this event will be back again next year well, we hope so at least.

Words by H .

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