Alex’s STi Swapped GC| Kids these days

When you were 17, what were you doing with life? Probably sitting at home playing video games, skateboarding with your friends, maybe just starting to think about buying that first car. Well fortunately for Alex, he got the jump on everyone. By the time he turned 17, Alex had already had an award winning car he could call his own. And don’t be fooled by his age, because this is no daddy-bought car either. By working on old subaru’s and reselling them in his spare time, along with a job at the local supermarket, he’s been able to fund the build for this gorgeous STi swapped GC. Bigger turbo, some go fast goodies, and tons of little extras that would never get picked up by the untrained eye, this home built subie looks right at home on the street, shows, or even the track. A set of super wide Work Emotions help to keep the power to the ground(although not very well once boost comes) and look amazing on the car. While some of you may not like the fitment because its not dumped enough, I feel like it’s literally perfect. Functional in every way, flush enough to look awesome, it’s riding just right.

For someone of his age, Alex seems to have the wisdom and know how of someone quite a few years older. I for one, can’t wait to see what else comes in the future from him!

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