Waterfest 18 | Prequel to H2o

It was that time of year once more, a time when Englishtown gets flooded by VW’s Audi’s and Crazy antics all over for a solid weekend. That is what we call Waterfest 18.  This show to me has always been a prequel to H2o International which to me is always the best show/event of the Year period. Waterfest is a good warm up to that event, the cars were pretty good this year we have everything from 24h LeMans race cars to old Gold Rally R’s. With the hot sun and all it was still an eventful weekend, here is our coverage from Goonies Mike Hyatt and Kevin Choi enjoy.

Justin and our friends over at Flipz doing what they do best

Even our Good Friend Rob from Liberty came out to play on his New Luxury Abstract wheels

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