Rafael G’s – MKIII “El Verdugo”

There are very few people who REALLY understand what the VW scene is all about, heck even the car scene as a full, not many understand the camaraderie that is truly involved. The sincere yet respectful helping criticism, the hand that’s there to help you accomplish your goal, the brotherhood that comes with building a certain make of car together… the love for the build.

Rafael Gonzalez is one of these guys. He is the president of the Center East Crew from eurocrewpr.com This is one of the people who got me to love VW’s and understand how, the lifestyle is. Owning a VW is not like owning any other car, any VW owner can tell you this, and people that know hardcore VW followers will explain it more like a Cult. That explanation is not far fetched.

Rafael grew up surrounded by VW’s as a kid, with a cult follower like his dad, the garage had at least 3 VW’s in it at all time in some from of completion or as a joy ride. He learnt to tinker with these machines early on. From air-cooled, to water-cooled, he ended up loving the MKIII chassis after having a variety of VW’s. At this moment Rafael daily drives a 1987 Vanagon and owns a 1996 MKIII Golf that was completely built to OEM spec as a Harlequin. (maybe a few pics of this car soon GOONs??)

To sum it all up, this MKIII Jetta has blood sweat, and lots of sacrifice in all ways imaginable put into it to make it what you see here now. He has named it ” EL Verdugo” [Ver-doo-go] as in “The Executioner” / “The Reaper”. And by it’s looks it sure does seem to be annihilating the streets with its waffled status!

-Photos Chris McBride
-Words Chris McBride
-Owner Rafael Gonzalez
-From Puerto Rico
-Reps Center East Crew
-Ride MKIII Jetta
-Publishing Editor Kenny Cano






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