SCCA Mohawk Hudson Region PDX at Lime Rock Park

My friends from OMG Motorsports signed up for a track day through  Sports Car Club of America, and wanted me to tag
along for the ride to get some photos.  For me it was just another day at Lime Rock Park, since I visit the
track about two times throughout the year, so coming to shoot this track was nothing new to me, except
the weather(It was cold, and I love shorts!), the smaller venue, and the challenge of shooting further due to restriction from getting
closer to subjects, because of policies at the little venue that was rented that day.  It was still a pretty good turn out,
daily drivers, shop cars, street cars, builds, and exotic cars, were up, sharp and ready to drive the beautiful
track from Connecticut.  I really like the intermissions a lot, since Ive never attended a track day, I found
it really cool, how technical the instructors were when describing the actions and reflexes the drivers had
to be aware of, and the way of proper execution, when it came to words..

After each intermission, the drivers had time to go on breaks, get hydrated,
and work on their cars.  With each pass time on the track, its very important that the car is not depreciating
in anyway, and remains safe for you and others on the track.

It was a good day to track your car,  as the weather was every sports cars best friend,
and it was a good friend to me as well throughout the day, to get well balanced images.


The entire gallery may be seen here:

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