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The Gumball 3000 | The Starting Line | KennyCanoFilms | LosGoonies

So I received a phone call from Arthur Leytman asking me if I would be interested in filming the starting line of Gumball 3000, Obviously I said yes so I went down with Genaro Romero in his Turbo R32, Met up with Patrick Shaughnessy of The Floss Filthy who was in charge of doing interviews, and who did an awesome job I may add.

(Thank you Geo for Driving man, I owe you big dude) and had a blast, Met alot of awesome people, got to cruise with Acouple Gumballers and all I can say is wow. What an experience, Next year one way or another I will be on Gumball and Document EVERYTHING.


Filmed by Kenny Cano of

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